Modern authentication for the Legal Industry
Modern authentication for the Legal Industry
IndustriesLegalWith limitless amounts of critically sensitive data stored in their databases, law firms are often under threat of cyberattacks. Privacy breaches can result in the loss of sensitive client information, resulting in ongoing costs associated with legal proceedings and reputational damage.Keyless offers passwordless authentication and identity management solutions that can help law firms eliminate privacy breaches, and dramatically reduce the impact of accidental data leakages – all the while helping firms seamlessly transition to zero-trust remote models with frictionless remote access solutions.
Industry benefits
Each year, phishing threats become even more sophisticated. Keyless biometric-enabled passwordless solutions combat financial crime and fraud caused by stolen and compromised credentials.
Keyless leverages a zero-trust cloud environment to authenticate users with zero risk of sensitive biometric data being compromised, lost or stolen. This same architecture allows Keyless to offer unique customer and employee identification during biometric-enabled authentication, providing unparalleled assurance that only authorized account holders gain access to digital banking applications and services.
Keyless cutting-edge biometric software combines multi-modal biometrics with device verification to provide a seamless MFA-by-design experience that strongly adheres to PSD2 SCA requirements.
Banks can no longer process high risk transactions without authenticating payments using a two-step authorization process. Keyless provides fast, seamless multi-factor transaction authorization experiences that adhere to the strictest PSD2 SCA regulations.
Despite warnings and the risks, customers will sometimes share their account information with trusted friends and family members – putting them at a higher risk of fraud and financial crime. Keyless leverages advanced multi-modal biometrics to ensure that only authorized customers can access their digital accounts and approve high-risk online transactions.

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