Keyless can transform authentication and identity for your organization to give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Keyless provides brokers, payment processors, and banks with frictionless and secure multi-factor authentication, while greatly reducing risks associated with fraud and phishing.

Finance & Banking

Our behavioral biometric technology enables seamless transaction verification. All sensitive data stored and processed by Keyless is always encrypted, and Keyless does not have the ability to decrypt it. As a result, Keyless is compliant with strict privacy regulations, including PSD2/SCA.

Keyless offers unmatched user experience and security to cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. With Keyless, onboarding becomes as simple as glancing at a device. No more seed phrases to write down, no more passwords to forget. With its advanced biometric technology, paired with secure multi-party computation protocols executed over a decentralized network, Keyless safely stores and processes cryptographic keys and tokens on behalf of the user.

Fintech & Blockchain

Keyless is not tied to a single platform or device, and can be used with all the popular mobile and desktop operating systems. Built-in social recovery allows user to recover their keys if they lose access to all their devices, thus eliminating the risk of loss of cryptocurrencies, and reducing account recovery costs.

Because all personal user information is stored and processed in encrypted form, Keyless is GDPR- and PSD2-compliant.

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Solution Brief

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With keyless, airports can increase passenger throughput, reduce plane boarding time, and minimize airport security and border control lines.


Keyless improves user experience by allowing seamless transitions between a variety of services across airports, including baggage pick up, shopping at duty-free shops, and access to airline lounges.

Keyless simplifies interactions between users and governments by providing a secure, unified, and frictionless system for managing authentication, identity, and e-signatures.

Government & Public Administration

Users do not need to remember passwords or PINs, or carefully safeguard keys or tokens. They can perform common government tasks after simply authenticating using their face and behavioral signals. Thanks to the advanced multi-party cryptographic protocols used in Keyless, no sensitive data is ever stored on the user’s devices.

Keyless is the ideal solution for secure biometric access to hotel rooms, office buildings, apartment complexes, and rental vehicles.

Hospitality & Automotive

With Keyless, users can register once, and gain the ability to access any building they are authorized to.

Keyless provides the highest level of authentication security and secure template storage using state-of-the-art face recognition and iris scan technologies, combined with secure multi-party computation protocols.

Aerospace & Defense

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