Award-Winning Technology

Award-Winning Technology

Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography

Streamline verification across your devices without compromising user privacy. Learn more about our award-winning authentication and cryptography technology, including Zero-Knowledge Biometrics™, advanced liveness detection, and device verification.

FIDO-Certified Biometrics

Our biometrics help users authenticate seamlessly with a look into the camera. Additionally, we have done extensive research to make sure that our biometrics are certified in accordance with FIDO's biometrics standards for data protection, helping prevent account takeovers and unauthorised account access.

Seamless User Flows

Our user flow is designed to provide a seamless login experience throughout the entire process - from enrollment to authentication, and even account recovery, with security as the highest priority.

Once you have registered your biometric template once, we will then use it to identify you during future login attempts. All it takes is a look into the camera and the rest is taken care of by our advanced liveness detection.

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Find out how our private-by-design MFA can help your organization prevent ATOs, improve UX, and protect your bottom line.