Self-Service Account Recovery
Enhance security, eliminate overhead costs, and improve the user experience.

Self-Service Account Recovery

Enhance security, eliminate overhead costs, and improve the user experience.

Self-service account recovery like no other FIDO-certified solution

For too long, account recovery management has been synonymous with call centers and SMS OTPs. These are easy to phish and often prohibitively expensive. On-device or 'local' biometrics with FIDO Biometrics certifications offer some advantages, but do not offer self-service account recovery, instead relying on manual re-enrollment. With Keyless, your customers can recover their accounts instantly by taking a recovery selfie. If their selfie matches their original enrollment template, they can recover their lost or stolen account in seconds.

Why integrate Keyless for account recovery

Keyless provides user-friendly account recovery from any device, minimizing the burden on customer service agents. Recovering accounts with Keyless is also fundamentally more secure, as we tie a person to their account using their biometrics. For businesses looking to enhance their security even further, we can leverage additional authentication methods such as SMS OTPs or email magic links as optional factors in the recovery journey.

Keyless’ recovery process is based on combining a user’s facial biometrics with their existing username or identifier, which can be augmented with an additional, optional factor such as SMS OTPs or email magic links. Users recover their accounts without relying solely on phishable knowledge factors or costly IT helpdesks.

The account recovery process is as follows: A user first enters their e-mail address and receives a reset token, a short number. They input this number into the Keyless app (first factor: possession) and then capture their biometrics by taking a photo of their face (second factor: inherence). After that, their account is recovered.

Account Recovery with Keyless

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