PSD2 SCA & Dynamic Linking
Simple, secure, compliant payments

PSD2 SCA & Dynamic Linking

Simple, secure, compliant payments
PSD2 SCA mandates that all EU banks authenticate the identity of their customers by using at least two independent authentication factors and dynamically link transaction amount and account number. Our passwordless authentication solutions are multi-factor by design and provide dynamic linking for all electronic transactions. Built specifically for banks and fintechs, we help financial organizations comply with PSD2 SCA, simplify payments, increase completion rates, and prevent fraud.

SCA with one user action

Keyless combines the two strongest authentication factors of inherence and possession, eliminating reliance on knowledge and shared secrets. Each factor is verified independently of the other, providing true multi-factor authentication with a simple selfie.

Dynamic Linking for Payment Authorization

Keyless dynamically links transaction amount and account number by generating a unique and independent one-time code after each successful transaction.

Case Study

An international bank based in the EU was looking for a PSD2-compliant authentication solution that offered Strong Customer Authentication with Dynamic Linking while minimizing user friction. After evaluating several vendors, Keyless emerged as the clear choice due to its unique ability to authenticate possession and inherence independently without centrally storing biometric data, ensuring true MFA with just one look across any device. This decision reinforced the bank’s commitment to ensuring a frictionless user experience that protects user accounts while meeting strict PSD2 and GDPR requirements.

Has PSD2 SCA impacted payment experiences?

In our latest blog we explore the impact PSD2 SCA has had on the payment experience and how banks and payment service providers can improve the payment authentication journey with our advanced passwordless multi-factor authentication solutions.

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