Introducing Keyless
Put the insecurity and inconvenience of passwords behind you.
Access and share any site, from any device, with unprecedented confidence.
Getting started is easy.
Just install our app on your iPhone or Android...
... visit the website from any computer, ipad, or television ...
... and hold the green circle in the Keyless app above the white squares on the Keyless homepage.
You'll be logged in automatically,
without touching a key.

You can access any website from the Keyless homepage.

The first time you access a site via Keyless, it securely learns how to log you in. Once it's learnt, you'll never have to do it the old way again.

You simply login to Keyless once using your phone, and you'll be logged into your sites automatically.
Keyless is easy to use, but deep down it's a tool to keep you secure.

It protects you from yourself. It protects you against forgetting and accidentally locking yourself out of your sites. It protects you from re-using insecure passwords. It protects you from accidenting giving your password to scam websites.

And it automatically creates a new level of security to protect you from hackers, scams, malware, and spying, by making sure your most secure information is kept away from insecure devices and wifi networks.
Now when you go to work or to campus, you're protected from your employer spying on your usernames and passwords during your break time.
When you go on holidays, you're protected from the unknown others sharing your coffee shop, airport, and hotel Wi-Fi.
When you visit a friend and want to show them something from your email or facebook, you don't need to worry about what viruses they might have on their computer, and you don't need to be embarassed by leaving your account logged in.

And when family members borrow your computer, Keyless prevents them from accessing the sites you've left logged in too. So you can keep your privacy, without seeming like you have something to hide.
Once you're up and running you can also use Keyless to share your screen, or to allow others to temporarily login to certain sites on your behalf (with a full audit trail).

Get started with Keyless in just 60 seconds
Our Technology, Now Your Technology
Behind the scenes our magic isn't magic.
It's computer science making the internet easier and more secure for humans.
Keyless, the world's first Identity Proxy
An Identity Proxy is software that manages your online identity.

With an identity proxy, you only ever need to identify yourself to one thing on the internet, the proxy.

The proxy then takes responsibility for identifying (or anonymising) you to the sites you want to access. It does so in a uniquely secure fashion by never sending sensitive information like passwords over insecure networks, to computers with viruses, or to scam websites.

If you're not using one, it's up to you to know who is sharing your wifi networks, who *really* sent you that email, or whether this computer has a hidden virus or spyware.
Encryption without a key
Identity data stored in Keyless is exceptionally secure. Even we can't access it.

When you create a new Keyless profile you choose a unique passphrase. This passphrase is never stored by Keyless and is only ever used again if you, for example, switch from Android to iPhone.

Behind the scenes we use this passphrase as part of a multi-stage asymetric key generation algorithm, the results of which mean that even if your phone was stolen, or if a third party ever attacked us, your details would remain safe.
Who to trust in the wild internet?
Keyless was built from the ground up to solve the real risks we see online.
  • In the developed world, it is estimated that between a third and half of all computers contain malware.
  • Most people re-use passwords, meaning that if one of your sites on the internet gets hacked, it's like the hacker hacked all your sites.
  • Many people will connect to any wireless networks they find without thinking about who is watching.
  • The success of social engineering and 'spear-phishing' tactics continues to be very high.
  • Every piece of software on your computer is a risk. It was written by someone you never met.
  • Every day we see new stories of sites being hacked and security holes in major operating systems.
Without an identity proxy you're trusting every computer, every program on it, every network connection, and every site you re-use a password on. Statistically, at least one of them is going to let you down, if it hasn't already.

Switch to Keyless. Interact with the wild web from secure horseback.
Keyless vs Everything Else
Click here to download a comparison between Keyless and the old guard.
Get Started
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