Biometric Authentication Without Storing Biometric Data
Reduce ATO fraud and increase operational efficiency
by assuring genuine user identity with one glance.
Authenticate people, not just devices.

Biometric Authentication Without Storing Biometric Data

Reduce ATO fraud and increase operational efficiency
by assuring genuine user identity with one glance.
Authenticate people, not just devices.

Phishing-Resistant Multi‑Factor Authentication

Our award-winning passwordless MFA provides the highest level of identity assurance by authenticating users and devices independently of each other with just one look.


Phishing-resistant MFAPrevent account takeovers, SIM-swapping and OTP-related fraud

User Experience

A simple selfieProvide two distinct authentication factors with one user action


PKI-based biometricsOur Zero-Knowledge Biometrics™ technology ensures biometric data is not stored anywhere


Self-service account recoverySpend less, save time, and stop ATO fraud with self-service account recovery


GDPR and PSD2-SCA compliantGuarantee compliance with data protection and payment regulations
73%reduction in ATO fraud
3xfaster than traditional biometric MFA
81%reduction in help desk costs
1000+devices supported
454%return on investment

Nothing to remember. Nothing to steal. You are the key.

Zero-Knowledge Biometrics™

Traditional biometric solutions often force a trade-off—local biometrics lack security, while centralized options forgo privacy1.

Keyless introduces Zero-Knowledge Biometrics™, a breakthrough in the decentralized approach that makes no sacrifices by ensuring biometric data is never stored anywhere.

1 Gartner Innovation Insight for Biometric Authentication, Dec 2023

For Your Customers
Reduce ATO fraud, transform the user experience, and reduce cost with built-in multi-factor authentication across the consumer identity lifecycle.
For Your Workforce
Secure your employee accounts and protect your resources by assuring the genuine identity of your workforce across all enterprise touchpoints.

Keyless Emerges as Market Leader in Liminal's Review of 50 Key Players in Customer Authentication

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Gartner Names Keyless as a Leading Decentralized Biometrics Vendor in 2023 Report

Gartner Article

Keyless Celebrated in Digital Identity Prism for Financial Services

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Industry Recognition

  • Named in Gartner’s 2023 Digital Identity Hype Cycle
  • Reviewed by KuppingerCole
  • Featured in Best Passwordless Authentication Tools Companies
  • Featured in Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report
  • Best Smart Banking Tech Solution — Innovation
  • Named in 2023 CyberTech 100
  • 2024 Luminary Financial Services Prism
  • Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Winner
  • Best Innovation Winner
  • Cutting Edge, Hot Company & Best Solution Winner
  • Authentication Innovation Award
  • Finalist, Fortress Cyber Security Awards
  • Innovation in Cyber Award
  • Gold Stevie® Winner, Technical Innovation of the Year
  • Best Technology 2021
Travis Jarae
Travis Jarae

The level of innovation Keyless has brought to biometric authentication is not to be taken lightly. Their ability to authenticate biometrics without storing biometric data sets a new standard for privacy in the identity space.

Travis Jarae
Founder & CEO

Andrew Shikiar
Andrew Shikiar

Keyless was the first vendor to achieve both FIDO Biometric and FIDO2 certifications and demonstrated an ongoing commitment to user security and privacy. We are pleased to see Keyless integrate FIDO authentication into their passwordless solutions to protect organizations from credential-based threats.

Andrew Shikiar
CEO and Executive Director

Giovanni Lo Storto
Giovanni Lo Storto

Keyless' privacy-preserving MFA has greatly reduced security risks while enhancing the authentication flow user experience for our students and staff.

Giovanni Lo Storto
General Manager

Elia Cerio
Elia Cerio

Keyless’ Okta deployment was smooth and quick, ensuring fast and secure login experiences for our workforce.

Elia Cerio
Head of IT Infrastructure and Services

Loren Russon
Loren Russon

Our partnership with Keyless leverages DaVinci’s seamless orchestration to ensure dynamic user journeys are delivered quickly and efficiently at every stage of the user journey.

Loren Russon
SVP Product Management

Dario Salice

Where Keyless really stands out is with its privacy-preserving mechanisms. A biometrics company that doesn’t store biometric data is a unique value proposition I haven’t seen anywhere else on the market yet.

Dario Salice
Identity & Authentication Expert & Former FIDO Alliance Board Member

Head of IT
Head of IT

Within weeks, Keyless transformed our process for all employee logins by replacing password-based authentication with facial biometrics. Naturally, this improved our security posture, but what we were not expecting was the increase in operational efficiency that followed too.

Head of IT

Certified and Assessed to the Highest Assurance Levels

  • FIDO Biometrics
  • FIDO 2
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 30107
  • GDPR
  • PSD2

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