Keyless changes the way we interact with the digital world by giving users peace of mind and control over their identity, while enabling the enterprise to make data privacy and security the rule rather than the exception.

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Nothing to remember, nothing to steal. You are the key

By combining privacy-preserving distributed computation and zero-knowledge cryptography with the convenience of modern biometric authentication methods, Keyless provides seamless zero-trust authentication capabilities accessible from any device.

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Easy to use, accessible anywhere, anytime

By combining cloud computing and biometrics, Keyless reduces authentication friction, and lowers operational costs of account lockouts.

Zero-trust security

Nothing to steal, no central honeypot, no keys on the user devices

With its zero-knowledge decentralized architecture, data can never be stolen or lost because no private information is accessible to the network.

Private by design

Built for compliance. GDPR-proof

Keyless is helping businesses to reduce the burden of compliance with security and privacy regulations by giving users control over their data.

Built-in anti-fraud

No more phishing and credential stuffing

Nothing to remember, means nothing to phish - Keyless embeds strong anti-phishing technology and behavioral authentication to minimize the risk of fraud and user deception.

Simple, secure, and interoperable authentication

Keyless offers unmatched security, privacy and usability, while reducing risk and infrastructure costs. Our authentication system enables effortless biometric authentication for business customers, users, and employees. Our modality-agnostic design helps businesses provide tailored authentication workflows and flexible multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring a high level of protection and positive user experience.

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Streamline UX and access everywhere


Improve security and reduce cost


Build trust and ensure compliance


Prevent fraud and authenticate continuously

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As organizations strive to deliver secure and seamless digital experiences, privacy-preserving biometric authentication is the way forward. Reach out to see how Keyless can simplify your authentication workflow.