How Keyless helps enhance IAM security
28 February 2023

How Keyless helps enhance IAM security

28 February 2023

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an essential part of virtually every organization's security setup. IAM systems help control who has access to an organization's files and systems.

If your organization has a worldwide workforce or manages remote workers, the chances are, you’ll already be using an IAM provider to ensure safe and secure employee access to business-critical services and applications.

Today, most IAM platforms integrate with internal business applications and systems to offer a single-sign-on (SSO) experience for employees, helping to reduce password fatigue and improve employee productivity. While IAM platforms can help enable better digital experiences for your employees, authenticating once and gaining access to a wide range of company apps and data can pose significant security risks. 

By integrating solutions like Keyless with your IAM application, you can help keep your company's data safe and secure. Read on to find out more.

What is IAM?

The role of IAM is to securely manage who has access to company data, files, apps, and systems. The idea is to block access to specific data and systems based on an employee's role and responsibilities. A proper IAM strategy will ensure that only authorized users gain access to business-critical systems and company data. 

Today the IAM market is dominated by companies such as Microsoft, Okta, IBM, OneLogin, and Ping Identity.

IAM platforms like these typically use magic links (one-time email links used for authentication) to offer a single-sign-on experience for employees. Once authenticated, employees can access multiple linked apps, services, and files until they log out – posing a massive problem if employee credentials are compromised. 

Improving IAM security with Keyless

Magic links and OTPs can greatly increase the chances of threat actors gaining access to sensitive company data, especially if a company also uses weak authentication methods for authenticating employees to company email. 

The FBI warned of a 65% spike in total global losses from business email compromise (BEC) fraud in 2022. BEC is where bad actors aim to compromise an employee's email address to commit fraud and launch further attacks within an organization. 

Public-sector employees are at particular risk, with government employees making up more than 50% of all credential-stealing phishing attacks in 2021, up from 30% in 2020.

To mitigate these risks, Keyless integrates with the world's leading IAM providers to provide a passwordless multi-factor authentication solution that is resilient against emerging fraud, phishing, and spoofing threats.

When employees sign in using Keyless, employees will be prompted from their trusted device to authenticate by looking into their device’s camera – a seamless multi-factor authentication experience that is fool-proof for employees. 

Why add Keyless to your IAM strategy?

Keyless secures SSO access to IAM applications by combining privacy-enhancing facial recognition with background device verification checks to offer MFA with a single look into the camera.

With Keyless, employees can enjoy secure access to the systems and apps they need to complete their jobs. This approach empowers organizations to strengthen their overall network security by ensuring that only authorized users can access company data.

Our world-first technology offers a truly passwordless experience that is resilient against emerging phishing, social engineering, and credential-stuffing attacks, as well as biometric spoofing threats. 

From strengthening security to preventing employee credential sharing and streamlining employee access, our passwordless solutions enable superior authentication experiences, which can help organizations accelerate a zero-trust environment while reducing the attack threat surface.

The benefits of using Keyless to login into your IAM applications 

  • Offer frictionless employee access to applications with a single action MFA

  • Enhance BYOD security with device-agnostic authentication 

  • Increase resilience against emerging MFA threats, phishing, and credential-stuffing attacks

  • Ensure compliance with evolving data privacy, protection, and sovereignty regulations

  • Mitigate against the risks associated with credentials being shared amongst employees

  • Ensure highly robust security is applied for single-sign-on access

  • Unburden support teams from credential-related tasks

Keyless can be integrated directly into a workstation via our SDK or installed on an employee's work (or personal) handheld device. Our biometric-based, passwordless MFA solution can dramatically enhance the security of IAM platforms.

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