Giving you authentication choices
10 February 2022

Giving you authentication choices

10 February 2022

Introducing the New Webcam Authentication for Windows

When it comes to multi-factor authentication (MFA), it’s now standard practice to enable it through the use of a “companion device” – most of the time, this is your mobile. But if you think about it, what’s the user experience really like?

How many times have you sat down at your desk, ready to start the day, you open your laptop and your login for accessing the company systems kicks in. To authenticate you, a notification is sent to your mobile-only you’ve left your mobile in another room. You get up from your desk, go get your phone and when you get back, the authentication window has timed out and you need to start again. And this is without other hassles, such as a lost or broken mobile.

And another consideration here - did you know that according to this article in Dark Reading: “Employees use an average of 191 passwords to enter 154 times in a given month, racking up an estimated 36 minutes of password data entry during that time, according to a report released today.”

That’s a lot of time lost, entering passwords...

Whatever the situation, we believe security, user experience and productivity don’t need to be compromised.

Windows Webcam Strong Authentication is Here

At Keyless we are continually working to enhance the security of organizations through passwordless, biometric authentication. While we offer it through mobile, as a companion device to laptops, we wanted to give even more flexibility for users authenticating via their organization’s existing identity and access management (IAM) solution.

That’s why customers can now choose to authenticate without using their companion device.

With Webcam Authentication for Windows, you can enrol for passwordless biometric authentication through the camera on your laptop, or you can simply add your laptop as a trusted device in your authenticator app.

By enabling this feature, organizations can:

  • Improve authentication experiences for employees, contractors and suppliers

  • Increase the speed of adoption for passwordless authentication in your business - especially as there are no requirements (like you would find if using services such as Windows Hello) for additional, or specific hardware, for cameras

  • Quickly and easily rollout to employees, regardless of what device their Windows systems use, so long as it has a forward-facing camera

  • Ensure a consistent, secure and compliant authentication process across all access points

  • No need to rely on the users’ mobile phones

To find out more, please get in touch.

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