Keyless is now working with Microsoft Azure AD B2C
22 January 2021

Keyless is now working with Microsoft Azure AD B2C

22 January 2021

As a certified ISV Partner, Microsoft Azure AD B2C customers can now easily deploy Keyless to provide frictionless, privacy-first MFA.

We’re pleased to announce that we are now working with Microsoft as a certified ISV partner to help drive the adoption of passwordless authentication solutions so that businesses can eliminate threats caused by compromised and weak user credentials.

Keyless will provide Microsoft’s Azure AD B2C customers with a fast way to deploy secure, reliable biometric-enabled multi-factor authentication solutions to help strengthen security and eliminate passwords.

Our privacy-first solutions leverage advanced facial recognition technology and machine learning to seamlessly authenticate users without passwords. Users simply look into the front-facing camera of their trusted mobile device to access their accounts and services.

The Keyless partnership with Microsoft Azure AD B2C offers customers

1. Rapid deployment of SCA compliant passwordless MFA solution

Keyless is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing IAM offerings so that businesses can quickly deploy strong passwordless authentication to their users.

2. Universal authentication experiences

Keyless is compatible with all modern devices and operating systems, so businesses can now provide their users with a unified authentication experience across devices and platforms.

3. Multimodal biometrics for enhanced security

Our multimodal approach to biometric authentication means that businesses can have greater assurance a user is who they claim to be online.

4. Multifactor Security by design

Keyless offers multi-factor security by design by combining multimodal biometrics with device identification. Each time a user attempts to authenticate we also verify that the authentication request is being launched from their trusted device.

5. Unique User Identification

Keyless users are only able to enroll for biometric authentication once. This means that users have one set of biometric templates across all their devices and accounts — even for different services. This helps prevent advanced spoofing attacks and credential sharing.

Unmatched privacy-compliance

Our novel use of privacy-enhancing technologies allows us to perform secure biometric authentication that does not jeopardize user privacy — biometric data is never at risk of being stolen, lost, or compromised.

How can I deploy Keyless?

To learn more about how Keyless can help you deploy lighting fast authentication to your users, visit our listing on Microsoft Azure AD B2C.

Tutorial for configuring Keyless with Azure Active Directory B2C - Azure AD B2C

In this sample tutorial, we provide guidance on how to configure Azure Active Directory (AD) B2C with Keyless.

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