Keyless partners with Check Point Software to bring privacy-first biometrics to enterprises
27 July 2021

Keyless partners with Check Point Software to bring privacy-first biometrics to enterprises

27 July 2021

Keyless are excited to partner with Check Point Software Technologies to bring privacy-first biometric authentication to enterprises looking to enhance remote security. 

As organizations increasingly plan for a more people-centric approach, which requires location and device-independent solutions, this partnership comes at a good time. Integrated directly with Check Point’s VPN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) protected applications, Check Point customers can now easily deploy zero-trust biometric authentication. This can be done in conjunction with their existing cyber security infrastructure, to help combat threats such as stolen credentials. 

“The addition of Keyless to our security solutions will help our customers stay ahead of the threat curve, by providing innovative, strong authentication and reducing security concerns. Keyless is particularly notable for its use of cutting-edge privacy technology to secure biometric data,” said Snir Hassidim, Business Development Manager at Check Point Software Technologies. 

Using Keyless’ biometric authentication software, Check Point customers can enable their employees to authenticate to corporate systems simply by looking into the front-facing camera of their device, eradicating the need for passwords. 

We’re excited to be working with Check Point, one of the world’s leading cyber security organizations. This partnership will help drive adoption of modern, zero-trust authentication solutions, so that organizations can readily protect their remote workforce, eliminate threats and enhance productivity,” said Andrea Carmignani, Keyless Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. 

Keyless differs from other biometric authentication vendors as it’s a software-only solution. That means it doesn’t rely on manufacturer hardware or technology. The value to Check Point customers is that they can quickly deploy biometric authentication to employees without needing to overhaul or replace existing security infrastructure. 

Check Point and Keyless will work together to accelerate adoption of their combined solution in a joint go-to-market strategy.

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