Keyless Recognized in New Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report
3 October 2023

Keyless Recognized in New Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

3 October 2023

We’re excited to announce we’ve been featured in the newly published Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

Developed collaboratively by Acuity Market Intelligence and FindBiometrics, the report offers invaluable insights into evolutionary trends in biometrics, strategic guidance for vendors, key differentiators for digital identity roadmaps, and an advanced market landscape reference model.

The report categorizes vendors into three distinct groups. Luminary vendors, like Keyless, represent the highest level of proficiency in their respective industry segments and are recognized as trendsetters and guiding lights in the field of biometric digital identity. 

Our position as a Luminary vendor underscores our expertise in driving innovation and excellence. Keyless’ privacy-preserving biometric solutions have been carefully assessed and endorsed, highlighting our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of biometric authentication –  Andrea Carmignani, Keyless co-founder and chief executive officer.

In the report, Keyless is listed as a Biometric ID platform, as its technology enables companies to securely verify a user’s identity with their biometrics across different lifecycle stages – from onboarding to account recovery. 

The Prism report will evolve in tandem with the dynamic biometric digital identity landscape. The evaluations included in this report have been meticulously crafted through independent research, industry surveys, and consultations with vendors, researchers, and analysts.

You can download the report here.

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