Liminal Link Index 2024 | Customer Authentication Market & Buyer's Guide

Liminal Link Index 2024 | Customer Authentication Market & Buyer's Guide

Keyless Leads in Liminal’s 2024 Market Overview

Keyless has been named as a market leader in Liminal's comprehensive 2024 Link™ Index for Customer Authentication. This recognition underscores Keyless's leadership in an intensely competitive market, amongst a field of 50 top companies.

This comprehensive report examines the shift from traditional password-based systems to more innovative, user-centric solutions, highlighting Keyless for its privacy-preserving biometric authentication technology.

In this report, you will discover:

  • Market Trends: Understand the current trends driving the shift towards passwordless authentication methods and how companies are adapting to these changes.

  • Keyless' Innovative Approach: Learn about Keyless’ distinctive technology that uses advanced cryptography to securely authenticate users without storing biometric data, enhancing privacy and compliance with global standards.

  • Product Impact and Customer Insights: Gain insights into the operational benefits realized by businesses using Keyless’ solutions, including significant reductions in account recovery costs and customer churn.

  • Strategic Market Presence: Read about Keyless' growing influence in the European market and its strategic plans to expand into North America.